Potholes and Magic Carpets – Review.

4.8/5.0   A very English Tale.

Potholes and Magic Carpets by Joy Mutter.

I was intrigued with this story, it started off with a story of a man who was only interested in the pleasures in his life, soon moving onto other people who were known to him, the further into this story the more I liked it. I enjoyed the individual lives within the overall book, a great read and a trip through the human psyche, light and dark. I loved following their lives and after the first character (who was thoroughly unpleasant) I began to care about them all. For me a slow starter but once I was into it, I found myself looking forward to picking it up and continuing the read.

The Blurb  –

The main action in this contemporary novel takes place in rural Kent and London. It looks at the dramatic incidents, challenges and temptations in the past and present lives of four couples of varying ages, professions and sexual persuasions that are all linked by either blood or friendship. The negative, selfish, sometimes violent natures of some of the characters in Potholes and Magic Carpets wreak havoc on the innocent. A tale of not so simple folk.

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