POD on offer now.

still available today and tomorrow.

S C Richmond

51w2fbpadyl-_uy250_Pictures of Deceit is now available for a limited time on Kindle for just 0.99p UK

or for $1.32 on Kindle US

Grab your copy now, it may not be this price again anytime soon.

Here’s a 5* review to whet your appetite…

Gripping from the outset, the author writes well, and the characters have a depth, and are likeable and believable.
We rejoin Alex for another adventure, she is still living with Matt, and her gran is deliriously happy with Jack.
Alex has stepped into the art world this time, to talk to Michael who has returned to Charmsbury where he grew up.
Alex meeting with Michael sets of a chain of events which take her to exotic locations and the journey of a lifetime.
The author S C Richmond writes with honesty and a love of the characters and locations in her book which shines through in her…

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