Back To Work.

That’s it, the holidays are completely over now and life is getting back to normal. I have taken my writing laptop out of mothballs, it too had a Christmas break, now it’s time to get serious and back to creating.

I am working on three different storylines at the moment and will be discarding one by the end of the week, if life is kind to me just one of them will come to life and beg to be written. So wish me luck because I’m not sure if there will be another Alex Price book this year or a ghost story. If I’m very lucky there could be both, if I get time to spend writing this year.

So whatever you’re starting this year I wish you luck and I can’t wait to read your finished work later in the year.

Have fun with your creativity.



One thought on “Back To Work.

  1. Agreed. Time to get busy. But with my review of your book I’ve already written more on my blog this year than I did for the last two months of last year. Here’s hoping we can all crank out some work. Keep up the good work.

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