Anxiety in a Digital Age.

We have an epidemic in the western world and we are all to blame. Everything needs doing and it needs doing now.

We can’t delegate because that person might do it better than us and then we’ll lose our jobs. So and so has it much easier just look at all the amazing photos on her facebook page. Why don’t I have as much fun as everyone else?, am I the only person who’s at home tonight? Why haven’t I got a zillion friends like he has? Oh look her house is perfect, her skin is flawless, her husband and kids are adorable, why isn’t my life like that?


Take a deep breath.

Put that smartphone down.

I’ll let you into a secret… it’s all a mirage. It keeps the wheels of social media turning. Don’t ever forget that social media is someone’s business but not yours or mine, yet we choose to participate and believe it’s all fun.

If there’s too much work DO delegate, it’ll make you look like a boss not like you can’t cope.

Those amazing photos on Facebook, well everyone smiles when a camera is pointed at them, so take no notice and nothing is quite as it seems, there’s filters and lighting and I’ll bet that that day wasn’t as perfect as they are trying to portray it. No one has fun all of the time, we all have to work and do things we don’t want to just to get through the day.

No you’re not the only person staying in, just hashtag the program you’re watching and see how many people are talking about it on Twitter, you are definitely not the only one staying home.

Those perfect houses, make up, skin and adorable families, well that’s a downright lie, we all have issues, perfect houses as rarely perfect, maybe once in a while when guests are expected but left alone we don’t spend our lives cooking and cleaning, that adorable family will make sure there’s a messy house right behind them.

All of these things are there to make us more competitive, that’s just human nature. So just choose to stop, don’t let these things that really shouldn’t matter be the cause of anxiety. Most of us work to pay bills, curl up on the sofa in our PJ’s and slob out in front of the TV. Most of us are not so different.

So please don’t get anxious that your life is any different, don’t let the digital world put a dull filter on your life, because I promise you’re doing fine.

Go out meet real people and give the digital world a miss occasionally, people can be much nicer to talk to when they’re in front of you, you can laugh together and a computer just doesn’t do that. Honestly put that smartphone down for a while, everything will still be there when you get back.

Don’t be anxious, just go out and show the world how amazing you can be.

Be happy.

anxiety in a digital world



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