Time To Lie -Review.

4.8/5.0  Confusing fun.

Time to Lie by Phil Taylor

I picked this book up as a give away on Kindle and didn’t expect to like it as much as I did. Landon Bridges grows on you, he starts off as a geeky uninspiring guy and really finds his feet and the love of his life along the way. Nothing in this book is quite as it seems, it moves fast and at times leaves you confused, I found myself cheering his corner and wanting life to work out for him. I ended up really liking this book and would recommend it to anyone. The downside for me was I wanted more of an ending but I guess that just means I’ll be buying the next book. The writing was easy to read and the pace fast, well structured characters and enough of a back story to make you care about them all. I just wish I was a time traveller then I could read this again for the first time.



The Blurb – 

Remember that time you dated that complete nutcase and said to yourself, I wish Future Me would have come back and warned me about this. Remember when you and your drunk friends said, If it’s such a bad idea, someone would come back from the future and stop us, right before it blew up in your face and got you in trouble? It would be great to have someone from the future to guide your life, wouldn’t it?

Landon Bridges’ life hasn’t always been perfect, but now he’s in college and determined to make a fresh start and transform himself from high school geek to college chic…well less geeky guy. He’s finally attained his life-long goal of studying physics in college under a renowned professor. He’s met the girl of his dreams and made friends with some of the cool frat guys. Things are going great, until He shows up.

A mysterious stranger intervenes to help Landon out of a terrible, possibly life changing situation, but what does he want? Why does he keep showing up? Who is he? Landon’s esteemed professor suddenly seems like a flake. Landon’s briefly idyllic college world seems to be spinning out of control. Landon needs to control his world and in the process of regaining his sanity and his grip on reality, he discovers that he has talents and allies that he never imagined. But is what they’re telling him the truth?

The truth is just the lie we’ve chosen to believe, and yours may be different than mine.



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