You’ll Carry Your First Rejection With You Forever — and That’s OK

Meg Dowell

Do you remember your first-ever rejection as an aspiring writer? I’d be surprised if you didn’t.

Mine was possibly the worst type of rejection — the “we’re just never going to respond to you” variety. I was 14, really into the whole Chicken Soup for the Soul genre of personal essays. I spent weeks perfecting mine. Submitting it was one of the most exciting moments of my life.

Of course, I didn’t really expect to have my essay published. (That was a first that wouldn’t happen until two years later.) But I did expect some kind of reply — even a generic “thanks, but we’ve gone with another submission” would have sufficed.

But no. I just waited for an email for a really long time, until I guess I just moved on.

Looking back, it didn’t have a huge impact on my life — it probably wasn’t even that good…

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3 thoughts on “You’ll Carry Your First Rejection With You Forever — and That’s OK

  1. Hey Steph, Namaste 🙂

    Thanks for a little food for thought pending seeking a publisher. Others have told tale of their struggles, their rejections, their soul-searching for days, weeks, months, even life-times looking for reason to pen-again. It’s sounds a complete arse to look forward to 🙂

    I still don’t understand why the WP community don’t organise a crowd-funded publishing company here on-line specifically for WP Writers, Poets, Artists etc. In fact why not expand said publisher into a Media Hub with global connections suitable to facilitate opportunity for all. It could be run as a co-operative. Just an idea blowing through the windmills of my mind.

    Hoping all is well for the Lady of the Tor. Stay warm and cosy and indoors: it’s gone artic outside in winters tide already 🙂

    Love and World Peace. Namaste 🙂


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    • Hello 😊 what a good idea the only problem would be WordPress woyld want to make money out of it and eventually it would be just the same as all other publishing. Business is business, and there will always be money to be made from creatives.
      Tis too cold for me, if it’s cold here it must be freezing with you. This weather proves the point for why I have spent the last 17 years escaping winter… but this year in trying to put on a brave face (which actually translates as staying under the duvet as long as I can!)
      Brrrrr… hope you’re keeping warm.
      Nice to catch up 😊

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      • Hey Steph, Namaste 🙂

        You okay? Like the rosy cheeks…must be the cold weather right? 😉

        I shall have to let the publishing idea flutter a little more amongst the grey cells. I don’t understand what right WP would have to make money from a platform that is free and offers functionality for people to operate a business. Perhaps, the cost of a domain name would be a very small expense. I shall have to think on this more. You are right however business always consumes any credible, practical, progressive and inclusive idea that may benefit the majority. FFS 🙂

        Yes it’s blinding cold here Steph and getting cooler by the day. I have sense it will be a cold long winter. Wales seems to have only 5 months of the year devoted to three seasons, whilst winters gets the lions share and lasts for months. I don’t know why I stay living here…every year I keep saying this will be the last year I live in this miserable country: I will one day honour my lip-service and just go. I mean why stay? One can write from any corner of this Globe and still get pressed and if one doesn’t have ties, then why not look beyond the current horizon. If only I could afford to go, I’d be gone.

        My wish Steph is to live in California and work for Disney writing stories for animated movies. I’m simply just waiting on the call or for the email inviting me over 🙂

        Ah, so you travel during winter months: a habit by the sound of it. That must be an awesome experience Steph, and I left feeling jealous of such a thin 🙂 You deserve it for working hard and writing even harder than that. Perhaps you throw on another duvet or blanket to keep the cold at bay. I always recall an old Victorian eiderdown my grandmother owned. I may have been only wee, but to this day, I’ve never again felt so lost or so loved, or so snug, and so warm through and through as when wrapped up in that eiderdown. Of a morning I would chase the few feathers across the room that had escaped the satin bag containing the plumes, and once hold of them all, I’d put them in a jam-jar and pretend they were all the wishes that’d been grated in my sleep. I used to save the wishes up and hope their power would multiply as a result: but yet I never did grow wings on which to fly away. I’ve parted with so many jars over the years…only to be replaced with tall glasses of tall feathers that litter (decorate,adorn?) the table-tops of my flat. I see them now as something different. Each feather offers me her loving heart and grants me a poem or a line in a long poem, and I’ve figured that each feather is unique: that it flutters in its own way and inspires in the same manner. I have a Swan’s Feather still virgin to me: I am timid to hold such a plume! The force of her feather-beat when passed through the air is so powerful, the lift she generates is huge. When in the hand she settles before finding her own natural queenly balance, yet fidgets relentlessly until she is comfortable with the user handling her with Love, respect, and desire. Perhaps I shall take this Lady out for a spin at the weekend 🙂

        Until next time: wrap up everything and anything that could freeze if exposed to the cold. Talking of which, I’m so looking forward to making a snowman when the white stuff comes next time. It’s been years since grabbing a carrot, coals, and a scarf and bringing Jack Frost to life in the portly rotund mould of a snowman.

        Sweet dreams Steph. Namaste 🙂



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