Flu and Infections Season, AKA Winter.

It’s that time of year and under normal circumstances I avoid a British winter at all costs and spread my wings, flying serenely to warmer climates. This year however I thought I would give old Blightly a go, the winters apparently haven’t been so bad for the last few years and there were things I wanted to do in this country which I normally don’t have time to do. So here I am…


It’s seriously cold, and I’m not used to it, I don’t like it and can be sure I won’t be putting myself through it again.


Hubs is down with a chest infection and the bug really has floored him… this doesn’t happen in warm places, really …


I have to go out shopping in the rain/snow/ice/wind, (please delete as applicable) and run a business in a freezing cold shop. People coughing and sneezing their flu bugs everywhere I turn.


Yes I know this is a list of complaints but I have nothing good to say about British winters, so if you have any tips for me to cheer myself up please feel free to send them to me. I really don’t know how people do it.


Keep warm and well …

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