Weavers – Review

5.0/5.0  Read This!

Weavers by Aric Davis.

The first chapter opens and I thought this wasn’t going to be my kind of book, how wrong I was and how pleased that I kept reading. The characters are well defined and you care about them from the off, a nine year old girl trying to understand what is going to happen when she hears the word divorce, it opens up something in her that will make her see the world completely differently. She learns how to use her gift but you never know how she will choose to use it. There is action, adventure, crime, goodies, baddies… Oh my what a rollercoaster because you’ll never guess all of the aspects of this story without getting to the end of it. Simply a wonderful read, I wish I’d written it.


Blurb –

Nine-year-old Cynthia Robinson’s life was perfectly normal until the day she knew, without being told, of her parents’ impending divorce. From there, things got stranger, and now not only does she have premonitions, but she can also read and influence the minds of those around her.

Cynthia is not the only one with the ability to “weave”—all over the country, people with similar abilities struggle to balance their lives with their powers. Some with this gift are weavers with dark motives and grisly appetites who want to use people like Cynthia for their own purposes.

Meanwhile, a top-secret government organization, the Telekinetic Research Center, has been looking for telekinetics to use for its own clandestine agenda. When TRC agents learn of Cynthia and her dangerous pursuers, will they come to her rescue? Or will they capture her and take her power for themselves?


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