This Week.

23rd – 30th January is known as the week of genius

So, if you were born in this week your personality traits are being unique, self taught, with a downside of being easily stressed, distracted and maybe a pinch of precociousness.

The genius is generally not a very sociable person but is a successful one.

Famous birthdays, whether they are geniuses or not is your call…

Elijah Wood (actor)

Alan Alda (Actor)

John Landen, English mathematician.

Hadrian, Roman Emperor

Robert Burns, Scottish poet

Frank Costello, Italian-American gangster

Paul Newman, American actor

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Austrian musical prodigy and composer.

Lewis Carroll [Charles Lutwidge Dodgson], English author.

The list goes on and on and there’s some incredible names there, so if you happen to have been born within 23 – 30th Jan you are potentially a genius. Congratulations you’re in great company.

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