Music of My Life #47+ (With Lyrics)

A walk though my life with the music that shaped me.

With added lyrics and translation as requested 🙂 take them with a pinch of salt as direct translatins are quite awkward but I’m sure you’ll get the idea.

2011 – 

This was so catchy when I first heard it I was hooked, although there are tracks I like more by Bird Thongchai  this was the one that helped me learn Thai. I would sing this at every opportunity, well, it made my Thai friends laugh, happy memories.


Jahk pen kon tee koey choey chah
From a guy who was once indifferent
ผ่านคืน ผ่านวันและเวลา
Pahn keun pahn wun lae welah
Just passing the time days and nights
ไม่ต้องการจะเวียนหัว หาเรื่องใส่ตัว
Mai dtaung gahn ja wian hua hah reuang sai dtua
There was no need to feel dizzy, creating problems for myself

Job mah nahn jep koey ruk krai
The pain from once loving someone has been over for a long time
เจอะมาจากไป ชักเคยตัว
Jur mah jahk pai chuk koey dtua
We meet and then part, I’ve gotten used to it
อยู่ตัวคนเดียว เหงาแป๊บเดียวก็หลับไป
Yoo dtua kon diao ngao paep diao gor lup pai
When I’m alone and lonely, soon I fall asleep

(*) เบื่อคนที่แข็งแรง
Beua kon tee kaeng raeng
I’m bored of those who are overbearing
Fah loey glaeng hai jur tur doo
So heaven has teased me having me see you
Ga laung kob gae saeng
So we should try dating to fix this boredom
Jai jao gum gor ruk baep mai roo
My heart has fallen in love without me knowing

(**) Loving You Too Much So Much Very Much Right Now
Loving You Too Much So Much Very Much Right Now 
Mai roo wah jur tur tummai teung yao
I don’t know why it got so long when I met you
ชิลๆ ได้ไหม รู้ไหมดวงใจฉันปลิว
Chill chill dai mai roo mai duang jai chun pliew
Can it be chill chill? Do you know my heart has been blown away

(***) รักเธอมากเกินมากไป มาก มาก มากมากมาย
Ruk tur mahk gern mahk pai mahk mahk mahk mahk mai
Loving you too much, so much, very, very much
But don’t you so ซังกะตาย
But don’t you so sung ga dtai
But don’t you be so unwilling
I hate to lie ไม่อยากจะน้ำตาออก My eyes
I hate to lie mai yahk ja num dtah auk my eyes
I hate to lie, I don’t want tears to come out of my eyes

Beua ja jur sing tee chun glua
I’m bored of the things I’m afraid of
Dteun mah gup jai tee dten rua
I woke up with a pounding heart
ทุกสิ่งโทรมโทรมก็ดูสวย แม้เมฆหมอกมัว
Took sing sohm sohm gor doo duay mae mek mauk mua
Everything worn-out looks beautiful, even though the clouds are hazy


Too Much So Much Very Much
Too Much So Much Very Much 
จู่จู่ฟ้าฝนเป็นใจ เปิดไปช่องไหนก็เริ่มดูชัด
Joo joo fah fon pen jai perd pai chaung nai gor rerm doo chut
All the sudden the heavens are sympathizing with me, no matter what channel, everything’s starting to seem clear
แรกแรกก็ดูงั้นงั้น พอดูอีกวันน่ารักชะมัด
Raek raek gor doo ngun ngun por doo eek wun naruk cha mut
When I first watched it it was all right, but as soon as I saw it again, it was cute
Love ซีน นางเอกเขาหลับ
Love scene nahng ek kao lup
The love scene where the leading actress is sleeping
Waun poo gum gup yah perng sung kut
I’m begging the director not to say “cut!” yet!

Action จะย้ายไปอยู่บางรัก
Action ja yay pai yoo bahng ruk
Action, I’m going to move to Bang Ruk
Auk jahk bahn derm tee yoo bahng palut
From my old house at Bahng Plut
Bahng jahk yoo mah tung cheewit
I’ve been at Bang Jak my whole life
Tah mai soo koom nit gor ja pai yoo wut
If it’s not Sukhumnit, I’ll go to the temple

Pit wung yahng gup pra raung
Disappointed just like the protagonist
โซลอง ล้อง ลอง น้อยใจชะมัด
So long laung laung noy jai cha mut
I’ve tried and tried for so long, I’m really upset
Ket laeo ruk lee chompoo
I’ve had it with this puppy love
ไม่จำคำครูเพราะ Love You Too Much
Mai jum kum kroo pror love you too much
I don’t remember my lessons because I love you too much


I hate to lie ก็แค่มีน้ำตา ไม่ถึงตาย
I hate to lie gor kae mee num dtah mai teung dtai
I hate to lie, but it’s just tears, I’m not going to die

5 thoughts on “Music of My Life #47+ (With Lyrics)

      • I popped back Steph and have tried my best to understand this song, but I must be half-asleep or something because I cannot understand what the song is about. Boredom, puppy, Love, sleeping actresses, temples, clouds, cuteness, dizziness, haziness, and boredom? I cannot put all these disparate words together and find an understanding.

        Care to offer a summary of the meaning: if for no other reason than to give me piece of mind before mid-day? lol 🙂

        Thank you. Namaste 🙂


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