Border Music Review

4.3/5.0  Emotional Read.

Border Music by Robert James Waller.

I picked this book up because I loved ‘The Bridges of Madison County’, that’s how I came to this book but it is very different, although nicely, there is a nod to a character in it, anyway this is a gentle ramble through a Texas cowboys life, no fancy twists and turns just a story of Jacks life and loves along with a couple of others. Now having made it sound less than exciting, if you like emotional reads that will bring happiness and tears then read this. An easy, not too long read of a loveable rogue, an untamed life with love romance and freedom. Waller certainly knows how to create atmosphere. Well worth a read.

The Blurb –

Most people don’t run out the back door of a place called the Rainbow Bar in Dillon, Minnesota, with someone they don’t even know, get in a pickup truck, drive all day, and end up without any clothes on in a motel room. But that’s what Texas Jack Carmine did with Linda Lobo. It was the kind of thing Jack was famous for doing. The people who knew Texas Jack Carmine – such as songwriter Bobby McGregor and Jack’s uncle Vaughn Rhomer back in Iowa – called him God’s only freeborn soul, rider of the summer roads, traveler of the far places. Where he was headed with dark-haired, long-legged Linda was not just back to his one-horse Texas ranch. It was somewhere he had never been: face to face with his own heart and the wild, strange things that live there. Border Music is the story of Jack and Linda, of long, hot days on a high desert ranch, nights wild with loving beneath West Texas skies, and times when their relationship tears them both apart. It’s about Vietnam and the Midwest, and Vaughn Rhomer, an old man who,tries in his own fumbling way to be free. It’s about men and women who work hard and care intensely, about romance and the passion that you only find once…and you never stop wanting to find again.

border music


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