Now You’re Writing.

So you have your pen, paper and ideas, I hope you’ve started writing everything down. Ever passing thought, hopeful storyline and character ideas. It’s the exciting part when the ideas come through thick and fast.

You’ll write it out in your own style, this is not the time to start listening to other authors, there are so many ways to structure your writing and everyone approaches it differently so write it down however it works for you. The only thing I will offer by way of advice is to find a way to keep notes on your characters, not necessarily for your first book but if you choose to use those characters again in the future you don’t want to be trawling back through previous books to find out what colour eyes someone had. So do keep notes or filing cards for characters, it could save you a lot of time in the future.



5 thoughts on “Now You’re Writing.

  1. I love this concept. I have found myself doing so. Keeping tabs in my notebook on the actual story idea and plot twist. So I know exactly where to come to when I need a reference, or I have post-it notes on my pages.

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