Soundtrack of Your Life

From Michigan to Germany

I know I have mentioned before how I love to read blogs.  It’s part of my daily routine now.  Laundry, then read a post from Just another blog from a woman.  Dishes, then read a post from Hot Mess Memoir. Bake the bread, start dinner..oh time for a post from Losing the Plot.  OK, you get the idea.(This list could go an and on..).  But, for the past several weeks I have been enjoying the Top Ten Tunes posts that come out each Friday.  They are written by Just another Blog from a Woman and remind me how much music has played a role in my life.  She posts the Top Ten Tunes from the years of her life (we are similar in age so, my life too).  Her posts have inspired me to make a soundtrack of my life.  Do yourself a favor and check out…

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