The Man Behind The Glass – Review.

4.9/5.0 Victorian Splendour

The Man Behind The Glass by Greg Howes.

We meet Septimus Blackwood setting up a photographic studio amidst the squalor of Victorian London, he is perfecting his special type of photography with the aid of an array of characters not all likeable. He takes you around the underbelly of London and then literally below London into a world he never knew existed. Will he uncover his legacy and will it be what he expects.

Well written, absorbing characters and an intriguing tale, whats not to love. Whilst we’re still dealing with the last days of winter why not curl up with this, I’m certain you wouldn’t be sorry.

Audiobook will be available imminently and a sequel should be released by mid spring. Put them on your TBR list.


The Blurb – 

“The Man Behind The Glass is based around a character called Septimus Blackwood, a Victorian photographer with a difference. The story is set in London’s East end in the year 1860 . It is predominantly a mystery adventure story, based on uncovering the hidden secrets of life and death and a quest for a missing legacy buried deep amongst the forgotten rivers and cellars beneath old London. It is also a race against time, Septimus not only finds himself competing against the tide,he is also at odds with the twin evils of Joseph Bazalgette’s new sewage system and the formation of what was to become known as London’s underground train network.
It takes the reader on a supernatural journey of intrigue, horror and unexpected fantastical explorations. Mid Victorian London, was a place and time unlike any other; it was a time of expansion, vision, exploration and experiment. It was also a time of great contrasts, in wealth, health and opportunities. This intriguing voyage of discovery combined with the highly satirical characters found therein takes you to the edge of your seat and beyond…

Themanbehindthe glass

You can find Greg Howes on Facebook.


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