Soundtrack #10

All too soon at the end of the challenge, hope it’s brought back some memories for you as it has for me. Thanks for the nomination Alysa Ax

10 albums you have loved in 10 days, a soundtrack of your life. No explanations necessary, just post a copy of each album sleeve.


9 thoughts on “Soundtrack #10

  1. That is so true Steph! Even reading small excerpts of the story or having someone make references to Victoria London have me think of Oliver: all of my imagery comes from that film – it really was a wonderfully powerful visual production 🙂 Ron Moody is awesome!

    Phantom is a awesome musical, certainly top five. My favourite was either Cats or Starlight Express, which just blew me away, I loved it, saw it three time! 😀 But you are right, there are so many to choose from as too songs that I like from them all as well.

    Namaste 🙂


    P.S: Forgive my typing errors – I make loads of them these days 🙂 Which reminds me….did you know the average typist will make 15,000 – 40-000 keystrokes per day. Which when extrapolated into real hours suggests at about 90 minutes typing the rest do whatever? Crazy uh?


  2. Vegetable mornay? Is that what it was !:) I had cheese on toast with salad and lashings of mayonnaise mmmm 😀

    The answer to life? Wow! That’s a BIG question to find an even BIGGER answer to. You must be hard as diamond, in a nice way 🙂

    Musicals were great to grow up with and till find place once in a blue moon for an airing. I am a Ron Moody fan, and think his Fagan definitive. I can watch Oliver over and over and still find it a great story with amazing characters. But as for ‘Annie’….I can bare some of it, the rest is far to saccharine for me lol 🙂

    If I had more time and opportunity I’d enjoy far more theatre than I do, but I’ve seen several London shows when they’ve come this side of te Severn Bridge, and one or two I saw in London as well. I find the theatre experience overwhelming, it’s amazing!

    And you Steph? Do you have a favourite musical film or stage show?

    Namaste 🙂


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    • Oh I really do agree Ron Moody was a wonderful Fagin. In fact so good That if you close your eyes there is no one else that can play the part… ever!
      I love going to shows but as with you, time and opportunity makes it a real treat when it happens. Funny Girl is my favourite but I loved Phantom of the opera too. Oh there’s so many good ones.

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    • Hello,
      How are you? Life here is trying so let’s skip to the Streisand tracks. In my world Babs can do no wrong but if I need some attitude it has to be ‘Don’t rain on my Parade’ or if I’m feeling lovely dovey then ‘My Man’ both from Funny Girl, my favourite movie.
      So how about you, what’s your favourite track?


      • What’s life ‘trying’ to do Steph? 🙂 Only teasing…hope you are okay?

        I knew you were a fan! Personally, I’m quite partial to musicals – a legacy from my mum who’d happily spend a Sunday afternoon watching them on T.V, they were popular broadcasting material when I was a kid. Other than those well known songs and films, I think ‘Woman in Love’ is very powerful as is ‘Send in the Clowns.’ They conjure memories of the year more than having contextual meaning, but they are songs that catch you off guard a little but in a nice way.

        I like the selection of albums thus far….most I think I’ve heard end to end but not sure, time and my memory can be cruel.

        What’s cooking for dinner? Smells good 🙂

        Namaste 🙂


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      • Ahhh dinner was good glad you approved. Veg mornay… yum.
        I too love musicals. What’s not to love, you just have to smile when people are singing and dancing.
        The answer to life is it’s trying to break me… but I’m tougher than it anticipated 😊
        Woman in love is great, I also have a soft spot for ‘Guilty’

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