Am I Late To The Tastiest Superfood?

I’ve recently been introduced to a superfood that is probably one of the nicest I have tasted. Due to illness in our house, people have been giving me advice left right and centre, all taken on board and many things tried but amongst all of that advice I’ve discovered Quinoa. Yes, I know it’s been around forever but not in my house and now I just can’t get enough of the stuff. Virtually every meal has it in.


There are two kinds red and white. Both are slightly bitter when cooked and open up to release little white curls as they soften but if you cook them in stock they lose the slight bitterness completely.

Health benefits. High protein, easily digestable for those who need to eat more, wheat free and non- startchy. High in vit B and E and fibre. It also contains trace amounts of  omega-3 acids. As a protein, quinoa contains all nine essential amino acids.

It is also high in anti-inflammatory nutrients, which make it beneficial for human health in the prevention and treatment of disease.

I add quinoa to everything now, soups, stews and use it in place of rice wherever I would have used that. It doesn’t have to be savoury, mix it with berries and yoghurt as a breakfast/ dessert. The only very slight downside is that it has slightly more calories than rice but not so much more that it is a problem.

So I know I’m a bit late to the quinoa party but I felt the need to share this wonderful comforting food with you so if you sit and write and need comfort food to inspire you then why not give it a try. I like to throw in veg and leftovers too. So there is nothing this wonderful pseudocereal cannot do.

Enjoy xxx



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