A Witch Scorned.

Dark Fiction #3


Quedra carefully added pencil strokes to her art, she was pleased with this picture. She sang a haunting song, tunelessly, as she drew, the words meaningless to anyone but her. She had worked hard at preparing this special work, it was a gift for a gentleman she had known for many years and now the time had come to finish it and pass it on to him.

She had always known it wouldn’t work out between them but there was without a doubt an attraction, this work had been in preparation of their time of parting which was inevitable. He had hurt her and now it was time he realized what he had done.

She stood back and looked at her work still chanting, she was pleased with her work, a self portrait of her at work and her voice soared with emotion. She felt a sudden release as she threw the drawing on the fire. “Here my love I have carried you away to a place you will have eternity to remember me.” She said as the paper curled and caught fire, flames leaping in time to her words.


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