Bad Sons – Review

4.0/5.0 A Good Read.

Bad Sons by Oliver Tidy

I picked this up as a free kindle book. The first in Booker and Cash series.  Escaping a bad marriage in Turkey and returning to England to help his aunt and uncle in their rambling bookshop, David Booker takes on more than he could have imagined. Where are they when he returns?

The story sucked me in from the beginning, I liked most of  the characters and the story was very much small town England, I was really enjoying this but then about half way through the pace of the story style changed as did the atmosphere of it. It almost felt like the book had been written by two people or maybe after a long break from writing, still, it was a good read and I would recommend it. Will I go for more in the series? Maybe.

The Blurb –  

David Booker returns to Romney Marsh on the south coast of England for a holiday. He is expecting to spend time helping his aunt and uncle pack up the stock of their second-hand bookshop in preparation for a happy retirement.

He arrives in Dymchurch on a miserable April night to find his relatives missing without word or clue regarding their whereabouts. As events unravel, the outlook of the local police pushes Booker to search for his own answers to the questions surrounding his family’s disappearance.

Bad Sons

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