The Great Fairy Fire – (29-30) – Fission (Continued)

Simply wonderful.

Merlin the great wizard is travelling across a wilderness in the aftermath of the Great Fairy Fire that destroyed the great Kingdom of Camelot and replaced it with The Hive ruled by the evil Queen Morgana-Le-Faye.

Merlin seeks to fulfil a prophecy telling of The Twelve who return to Camelot and reclaim the throne. Morgana has sent an assassin after Merlin, a Boa Constrictor called Fusion.

Meantime Jinder Soo is pursuing Merlin out of Love for him hoping to protect him from the evil at large in the Kingdom. Merlin believes Jinder is loyal to Morgana and the two separated company at a fork in the road.

Elsewhere Camelot is in turmoil: whilst courtiers are alleged responsible for explosions in Camelot,  Snow Melt a snow-leopard thought loyal to Morgana freed The Twelve from dungeons and having led them into forest left the Ravens promising to return later that day…


~ The Great Fairy Fire – (29) – Fission (Continued) ~ By…

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One thought on “The Great Fairy Fire – (29-30) – Fission (Continued)

  1. Hey Steph, Namaste 🙂

    How are you?

    Thank you, you’re always so generous with your sharing: so generous as well with your kind comments. You said you’d be back as and when time allowed to continue your read: thank you for keeping to your word.

    Thank you Steph, I appreciate the re-blog Hoping all is well in all ways: enjoy a great week.




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