The Charade – Chapter 8

Chapter Eight

By Carol Taylor (to find Carol Click the link)


Mr James sat in his chair his thoughts troubled. What should he tell the child? He still thought of her as a child and was trying to protect her but she was an adult now and asking questions. Questions to which she deserved an answer, but answers which could put her in grave danger.

Kathy burst in the room.

Mr James “That poor girl, you really must tell her about her past and her parents, before someone else does.”

“None of your business Kathy. I will, when I am ready and not before.”

Kathy looked at him. Gave a tut and flounced out of the room.

Meanwhile Carl was pondering and wondering how best he could get a closer look at that necklace without raising the girl’s suspicions.

She was leaving the house and looked happy as she headed in the direction of the market. She stopped at the ribbon stall, the gaily coloured ribbons were lovely and she was picking them up putting them down it was so hard to choose a colour.

A hand reached in front of her and plucked a beautiful violet piece of ribbon with little flecks of silver in it from the bunch she held in her hand.

This one will be perfect. Is it for that necklace? Before she could say anything the ribbons were changed and the necklace was back around her neck.

The girl couldn’t believe Mr Ward was standing in front of her with a shy smile on his boyish face.

“You do like it ? Don’t you?

“Oh Yes? It’s beautiful. Thank you.

“Well pretty girl would you do me the honour of dining with me tonight?”

The girls face dropped, she had nothing nice to wear….she turned and fled.

Carl smiled….Mission accomplished, it was definitely the girl he was looking for now to gain her trust.


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