The Charade – Chapter 15

Chapter Fifteen

 by S C Richmond


   Sitting in the safety of her room she was angry at herself for running away, she had seen George as she ran past the window and she thought he had glimpsed her but she had kept running. She no longer knew what to think, she took her necklace off and looked at it carefully, but she didn’t know what it represented and she was beginning to think that the only way she was going to find out was to stand up to Carl. She was more than a little nervous about how to approach that as she had been warned about him, although she had no idea why. She was very aware that he knew something about her and she needed to know what that was. That meant she had to go and find him.

   She took off her necklace and tucked it into a small bag that she slipped over her wrist, if it was causing this much excitement and it was worth something she thought it would be best not to wear it all of the time, until she could find someone to take a look at it for her, maybe Mr James would know someone. She stepped out of her flat and looked around she couldn’t see Carl but she was sure that he would turn up if she walked around the shops for a while, he had every other day. So she wandered towards Georges shop but it was still closed up. Then she changed direction and walked towards the bakers, she was still promising herself one of those indulgent cakes in the window, after all she had some money to spare in her pouch. Still there was no sign of Carl, just as she wanted to see him it seemed he had disappeared.

   Being unsure what to do next she bought two cakes and went to see Kathy, she might have some idea of what she could do now.

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