The Charade – Chapter 17

Chapter 17

by Carol Taylor


Tossing and turning the girl could not sleep if she did it was that same recurring nightmare. Finally she arose went to the bathroom then the kitchen to make some warm milk maybe that would induce sleep she was so very tired.

Sitting in front of the dying embers of the fire she shivered and pulled her pretty blue shawl tighter around her shoulders. I need to sleep as I will have a busy few days I don’t want to let Mr. James down.

The girls mind started to wander as she tried to put together all the pieces to complete this puzzle.

When she left the shop that night in that beautiful dress she had felt that maybe her life would take a turn for the better and all her questions would be answered by George.

“Silly girl” she told herself life is not like that at least for you but why shouldn’t it be? Gathering her thoughts she tried to make some sense of recent events.

Mr James although very kind knew things he wasn ‘t telling her, she was sure of and why did he find these jobs for her it was as if he was making them up to give her a little money …Not much but enough to survive…Why? He denied all knowledge of this William was he one of her brothers?

Carl, who was he and why was he following her? She had a bad feeling about him especially after she had seen him at George’s  it was obvious that George felt threatened by him. Why?

This Mr Pearson, the girl didn’t remember him at all was Mr. James trying to get her out of harm’s way? Was it just a ploy to get her away without arousing suspicion?

Finally the warm milk started to take effect  the girl found her eyes closing She woke with a start; the sun was streaming through the gap in the curtains and made her squint.

I better start to pack or I will be late… The girl decided to pack her new dress in case she needed it  inside the case she also found some new clothes and shoes. Someone had been shopping…

When I come back from this job I am going to ask Mr James I am not going to take no for an answer…I need to know who I am, I need to find out why I seem to be hidden…

This thought had slowly dawned on her she had never been allowed to apply for a regular job and her lodgings had been picked for her it seemed like she was being hidden in full sight if that made sense. From what or whom?

So many questions were going around in the girls head and she decided that she was also going to go to the library and look up the old newspapers see if she could find out anything about her disappearance…Were her parents not looking for her? Were they still alive…George had said she had brothers …

It seemed like she had been living in a fog or maybe her brain just didn’t want to accept what had happened but it was clearer now and many pieces dropped into place.

I will find out who I really am I am not going to be fobbed off any more.The girl then realised that it felt like a weight had been lifted she felt almost euphoric and hopeful that all would soon be revealed.

Meanwhile, Carl had also been going over the facts he needed that necklace time to get tough …

George was worried, he had been to the library that day and he knew what had happened and thought he knew why? Should he tell the girl? Would it put her in danger?He decided he was going to pay Elizabeth a visit and soon.

That girl, so sweet needed answers …Was he going to be the man to do it?


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