The Charade – Chapter 22

Chapter 22

by Carol Taylor


Carl was panicking where was he going to take the girl?

His mind was racing he knew he shouldn’t have taken her he only meant to knock her out so he could search her room undisturbed. He also knew that Joseph Peabody was not a man to cross…He was beginning to regret taking this job  it has seemed like easy money now he faced either the wrath of Peabody or the man who had employed him.

A man whose name he didn’t even know but who looked very mean and a man you didn’t want to cross.

The girl stirred…

It was getting dark outside Carl decided to wait until it was quiet and leave the girl at the bus station…Plenty of people used the bus station the girl would not remember what had happened as he had drugged her well and truly… Reaching for another vial of the drug he injected the girl before she woke that would keep her quiet for a while…

How was he going to move her without arousing suspicion?

Time to go…Carl picked up the girl  supporting her Carl moved slowly out into the back alley of the building …No one was around so if anyone saw him he would say she had had too much drink…Holding the girl tightly and keeping to the shadows Carl made his way to the bus station…

Miss, Miss are you alright …The girl opened her eyes and screamed she could vaguely see a kindly face before she passed out again… Call the boys in blue Fred…I think this young lady has been drugged she doesn’t smell of drink or anything or she may be ill…I don’t want anyone dying on my watch…Can you imagine the fuss and paperwork?

Quick man…Move!

Peabody received a call…A girl answering  your description has been found unconscious at the bus station the voice on the end of the phone said …Send your man to get her quick before it arouses suspicion …


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