True Story.

People are strange… this is a true statement. Already this morning I’ve had someone ask me where I was from originally, I replied ‘Birmingham’ their response was …

“Do you know Lenny Henry?”

I pointed out that technically he wasn’t from Birmingham and politely added that I did not know him personally and there were another 1.25 million I didn’t know either. So he replied…

“Well you must know Jasper Carrott then.”

*Palm slap* to my own forehead and walked away.



3 thoughts on “True Story.

  1. I’d have been most surprised if you didn’t know them all Steph 🙂

    lol 🙂 Others may have been overlooked but Kenny Baker was perfect for his gargantuan role in Star Wars as R2D2 😉

    Blue sky this afternoon and sunshine as well, so all is smiling brightly. Sadly, it’s back to the coal-face tomorrow.

    Take care 🙂

    Namaste 🙂


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