Saturday Night Rock


Saturday Night

It’s Saturday, time to get ready to go out. It’s rock night at the best pub in the city. Friends gather and let their hair down after a long week, it was always a night to look forward to.

Skin tight jeans (mine were always red! – remember), black t-shirts and the favourite of the day, a bullet belt, oh we looked so cool and so ready for a night out. Well maybe we didn’t but we certainly thought we did.


You could hear the music pounding from halfway down the hill and a faint smell of patchouli oil following it. We all smile as we approached, meeting friends along the way all heading in the same direction. The chip shop on the corner was open and knew to expect us, we were all eager to chat and eat before the night really began. Once we were inside there would be no talking, the music would drown out or voices.

The merry band of friends with full bellies; we made our way up the hill to the ultimate rock venue. Once inside we had to climb the spiral staircase, our stairway to heaven. Then the night would begin, a mix of classic and heavy rock, a perfect balance. For the next few hours, all that was visible was a sea of heads and hair all moving in time to the beat and some great air guitars.

Exhausted and hot we reached the end of the evening. If you were there you’ll know the last song of the night to send us all onwards was the Ovaltinies.

Were you there?

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