Say Good Morning.

There seems to be a national divide and yet again it seems to be a north, south divide. I’ve been trying to work out why…

So let me ask you …Do you say good morning to people?

This I hasten to add is a generalisation, but the top half of the country do, in fact they’ll happily chat about anything but Southern city dwellers don’t, until they know you. It’s a curious phenomena.

I asked some people about this and tried to find out why so the explanation  I got was that in London and other southern towns you don’t even make eye contact with people let alone speak to them or you will be inviting trouble. How sad is that. Whereas the further north you go the less guarded people seem to be.

However the The Business Insider may be closer to the mark.

Whether you’re a morning person or not, there seems to be a universal reluctance to greet people first thing. It’s very unlikely you meet a person who enjoys saying hello to each one of their coworkers with a smile every morning without fail. If you do know this person, you probably think they’re weird.1 May 2017

So maybe it’s that simple… I’m weird.






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