~ First-Storey ~ By ~ Dewin Nefol ~


One small feather flew yesterday,

Blew to my hand whilst on my way,

Walking that day to work.


A fervent morn with fierce sun,

O how pathways of gold did run:

Dazzling like diamond aisles.


I walked downhill through shadow’s haunt

Taunted by terrace housing,

Crowding my daunting descent.


Turning right blinding light,

Eyesight stunned shocked stuttered:

Heart fluttered beating fast.


Paths ahead auriferous threads,

Ribbons meandering pyres:

Rivers of rushing fire.


Sunshine fed pavements bled

Led to a crossing beneath morn’s sun,

Where without stopping crossing a road.


I pass a point where seagulls feed,

Where need rips open bin-liners,

Food left-over diners.


A sudden wind harried morn’s air,

A feather blew with spirited flare,

Flew into my open hand.


So small so delicate I couldn’t clutch,

In as much I might have crushed its spirit.

Closing my hand with it held in it.


Fleeting touch on fingertips,

Then airborne fleeing once more,

Hovering above the floor.

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One thought on “First-Storey

  1. Namaste Steph 🙂

    How are you? Thank you for enjoying the poem and sharing it here on your Blog 🙂

    Each morning my walk to work is largely indifferent to the day before but on this particular morning the sun shone more brightly, pavements shimmered and the waking world seemed to glow as if all was a dream. It was a beautiful morning aspiring to become a hot sunny day, perfect in fact for a fated encounter with a spirited feather offering fair exchange of equal measure. The poem wouldn’t have been written without our meeting. By now she’ll have flown far and wide carried on the wind with a tale to tell the next soul she meets with an ear to listen.

    Whilst I’ll not meet the same feather again I keep my eye-out for a feather falling in my path. There are some mornings when the city streets are awash with feathers. It is then a question of which feather to choose. I’ve twenty or thirty feathers on my work-desk that seem happy to stay for a while and add to this regularly. I always like to hope each feather is a different poem just waiting to happen.

    Hoping all is well and summer sunshine bringing warmth to your world. Take care, have a wonderful weekend.

    Namaste 🙂


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