If You Can’t Be Kind…

Someone asked me yesterday why some people get their kicks from being spiteful about others.

I truly don’t know, I don’t understand what makes people want to hurt other human beings when we are all travelling through this life together. I didn’t know how to reply to her because these type of people are difficult to understand.

My only answer to her was don’t worry about others, just be kind and …

If You Can't Be Kind

6 thoughts on “If You Can’t Be Kind…

  1. I have always presumed it’s because they are very unhappy and therefore jealous and maybe want others to feel as bad as they do. It boils down to not wanting to be alone in their despair. What they don’t realise is that when you are kind to someone or go out of your way to help an individual it really does make you feel good and sometimes it gets to a point where it becomes addictive. The question is as time goes on do we do it for the benefit of others or for our own ‘feel good’ aspect?

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