Unexpected friends.

Unexpected Friends


It’s midnight, Shaz woke up hungry, really hungry. She realises that she hadn’t eaten all day and had fallen asleep in front of the television. She pulled her fleecy blanket around her shoulders, it had turned cold through the night; she made her way into the kitchen. Just a snack she thought, as she pulled open the fridge door in the dark room, immediately the contents of her fridge were illuminated.

A box of eggs, which had been there for a few weeks, a punnet of strawberries and half a bottle of wine. Shaz despaired at the sight in front of her, she moved on to the cupboard with equal despair, the cupboard was bare. She sighed and inwardly shrugged, she reached into the fridge and took out the strawberries, past their best but at least they were edible. What she would have given at that moment for a bar of chocolate.

She retreated to the front room and sat down with her strawberries, she found an old black and white movie on a late night channel and settled back down. She looked down to find the best of the sweet treats and was startled to see a spider sitting on top of the fattest strawberry. Just my bloody luck she sighed, but gently moved the strawberry with the spider from the punnet and gently placed it on the chair beside her. Together these unexpected friends happily sat, ate and watched the movie.

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