A Lonely Feel

A Lonely Feel.

Beth pulled a chair up to the table, it would be the last time she would be able to sit here in peace. The removal men had been and moved most of her possessions to her new home, a place where she had always dreamed of living. Now it had come to the last moments of the move she wondered if she was doing the right thing, but didn’t everyone feel the same when they left behind the life they knew to start a new one. She felt a bit sad for her flat, there was a lonely feel to the place now.

She hoped that in a short time she would be able to settle into her new house and feel the contentment she had felt here. She smiled as she looked up at the familiar crack in the ceiling and the way the repair job had been unsuccessful, but she had laughed so much when Andy had fallen off the stool and a lump of filler landed on his head. Stupid really but it was a good memory. Her loyalty to him had kept her here far longer than she should have stayed, maybe if she had moved on sooner all of her memories of Andy would be good ones but after a while, he had got bored and was tempted to stray and that was the end of them.

Now it was her time. She stood up and pushed the chair neatly under the table and walked out, ready to start her new life.





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