Do You Trust Love?

Do You Trust Love?

Mel looked out of her window, wistfully, there was a slight mist rolling in over the sea, her mind drifted to the previous year. She sighed, ahh sweet memories. That had been when she had met Sam, he was everything she could have asked for in a partner, kind and thoughtful, too thoughtful sometimes. He had moved to the coast after spending much of his life in the city and he loved the peace of the coastal village.

It had been an evening just like this that he had asked her to marry him, she had accepted, he had cooked for her and presented her with a beautiful diamond ring. She felt that she would burst with happiness. For a week they hadn’t left her beach house, they had talked, laughed and loved each other. For that week no one else existed in the world. Her sweetest memory was of them shedding their clothes and hand in hand jumping into the lake whilst the mist rolled over them and cloaked them in a white haze away from the rest of the world.

After eight days together there had been a knock at the door, it was late into the evening and Mel was unsure who would visit at this time but she thought it must be important. As she opened the door it was pushed into her, the force made her stumble backwards and she shouted. Sams face appeared at that very moment, then he turned and ran, then everything went dark.

She had no idea how much later it was but when she opened her eyes there was a man standing over her. “She’s coming round.” He shouted. Suddenly two more faces appeared in her view. “Miss are you okay?” He asked, he looked concerned.

“Yes I’m fine, who are you and what’s going on?” That was what she thought she had said but it seemed the words didn’t come out of her mouth so clearly.

“Is the ambulance on it’s way. She’s trying to talk.”

“Two minute away, keep talking to her.” A disembodied voice replied.

Suddenly things became clearer, she opened her mouth and words came out, so she tried again. “Who are you, whats going on?”

“I’m Jeff, a police officer, this is Dave and John, you hit your head.”

“No you pushed in through my door then I hit my head!” She retorted. “Why?”

“We were told that Sam Mitchell was here.”

“Yes, and…” That was the moment the ambulance crew turned up and started asking her stupid questions. After they looked her over and said she was fine, she got a chance to speak to the Jeff again.

“We’ve been looking for Sam for five months, he is wanted for the armed robbery of a jewellery shop, he left a woman dead and got away with a lot of high end jewels.”

Mel looked down at her hand. “Did you catch him?”

“No. He got away again.”

Mel took the ring off her finger. “Looks like you have one piece of jewellery back though.” She handed it to Jeff.



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