Magik Happens.


The kiss reminded him of chemistry lessons in school, when if the right two elements were put together, they’d explode. He stood back and looked at her, she was perfect, he’d never felt like this about anybody before and he’d never experienced a first kiss like that, and he’d kissed a lot of girls. His head was spinning with questions of what might happen next.

Kelly was a nice girl from the right side of the tracks, living on the wrong side. She had been a little paranoid about moving into this City to go to college but she had felt like she needed to move away from her parents. They smothered and spoiled her and she wanted to learn about life away from their clutches. She had been beginning to think that she’d made the wrong decision until she saw Peter, he was one of the cool college boys, handsome and a little dangerous. She had seen him in a coffee shop and went over to chat with him. He had made her laugh and suddenly the cafe had taken on a dream-like quality and then there was just the two of them, everyone around them ceased to exist. She had leaned in and kissed him, feeling the spark, without a thought of the consequences. She pulled away and looked up into his eyes.

Success. The magik had happened and their futures cemented. Cupid giggled and turned away to find his next challenge.





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