Cally Palmer, Artist – An Introduction. Part 2.

Part 2 of an interview with the amazing artist Carolyn Palmer, if you’ve never seen her work then there will be news soon of an exhibition of her work. I will let you know as soon as I know the dates.

First of all, I’d like you all to get to know her a little better, this interview will be in two parts with a chance for you to see some of her work too.


Did you have a career before becoming a painter? If so, did it affect or link to work as an artist?

I had a career as counsellor and psychotherapist, but eventually came out of the counselling field after my illness, simply not being able to carry that kind of workload anymore.  In many ways, my career did link to my art life, in the sense that often working with archetypes and archetypal themes, drew very much on active imagination, and inspired ideas which I later linked with in my artwork.   Encouraging clients to express themselves through forms of art therapy, was also something I would use in my work from time to time.

What artistic training have you undergone or are you self-taught?

I am self-taught, which I often feel is to my detriment, but I still pursue my passion wholeheartedly just the same, and for me, art is a never ending journey of learning and discovery!

What mediums or techniques do you use? Favourite colourings?

I have always loved to work in ink, and still do many ink based pieces, but I also work with watercolour, gouache, water-soluble wax pastels, oil and soft pastels, watercolour pencils, coloured pencil, inktense pencils, acrylic and dye-based inks, acrylic paint, oil and alchohol markers, distress oxide inks, and all sorts of interesting mediums, I come across on my art and craft journey.  I craft as well paint, and so am constantly discovering new and interesting mediums to work with, and I love working on fusion pieces, fusing art and craft together and exploring all kinds of mixed media.   I love autumn colours and use them a lot in my work, but also greens, pinks, blues and purple hues.  I love monochrome too, and so enjoy working with tones of one colour, for instance, greys and sepia tones.  Also, because of my strong draw towards mystical type themes, in the past, I have worked a lot using dark card with silver, gold and bronze inks.


Have you a favourite artist or mentor who has given your work direction?

I have always loved the Pre-Raphelites, many of the Victorian fairy illustrators, and the impressionists, but the biggest influence on my work (designwise) is probably celtic, middle eastern, Persian and Indian design and artwork.  In my ‘twenties’ pieces, I take a great deal of inspiration from the work of designers like Erte, and Paul Poiret.

List any solo or group exhibitions, prizes and commercial work you have undertaken or any achievement of which you are proud.

I haven’t had a solo exhibition, but have taken part in many group exhibitions with members of both Molesey Art Society and other local artists, exhibited with local churches, been sponsored in ‘in house’ exhibitions, and have had work up in local shops and cafes.  In 2015 I won my first award from Molesey Art Society for one of my ‘Fiddler’ pieces and was absolutely over the moon!  I’m still dancing on air years later!

Contact details and Info?

My website is currently still under construction but keep an eye out, it will be updated very soon!  The Web address is:

I do however have an active and fully ‘stocked’ Facebook page, and you can find it here:

You can contact me through either of these sites, or email me at


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