The Secret Room – Part 1

The Secret Room

There was a room in my grandparent’s house that no one was allowed to enter, the family endlessly speculated what was hidden behind the locked door. The guesses ranged from hilarious to horrific but no one knew for sure. All of us grandchildren would listen outside the door regularly, our curiosity piqued,  but Grandma would sneak up on us and shoo us away from the door, smiling as she did. She would always mutter ‘Curiosity killed the cat’ as she led us away towards the kitchen to feed us cakes and biscuits. Still we wondered, did grandad have an amazing train set or was it where he went to watch the night sky and learn about the planets, he was interested in both but grandma always tapped her nose and said we were being nosey.

When we reached our teenage years we still hadn’t discovered his secret so when it came around to the time that they would start asking what we wanted for Christmas we all got together and asked for the same thing. We wanted to know what was in the room at the top of the house. There was much debate amongst the adults when we all asked for the same thing, so we waited, hoping the secret would be revealed to us. Christmas came and we all had lots of presents but not the one we really wanted.

Many years later when we lost our grandparents and it was time to sell the house, no one wanted to live there yet everyone wanted a cut of the money from it. It was me that decided it was time to uncover the family secret, the rest of the family had stopped talking about it as their lives had moved on and they had started to have families of their own but I had never forgotten that secret room, even if they had.

I crept up the stairs just the same way I had as a child. This time, however, I had the key. I  put the key in the lock and savoured the moment that the lock clicked to let me know I was about to be in on the secret too. For a moment I felt like a child, I looked around sure someone would catch me doing something I shouldn’t have been doing. I turned the handle, which creaked beneath my grip and peered into the gloom. I felt along the wall until my fingers found the switch and flipped it on.

Suddenly there were coloured lights twinkling throughout the room, once my eyes adjusted I saw their secret. Indeed Grandad had got a wonderful train set that ran completely around the room, but it was no normal train set. On this rail network rode fairies and unicorns and they travelled past caverns that held dragons and griffons. A magical train set. In the middle of the room was a tree trunk cut low to be used as a seat and on it was an envelope with my name on it.

I opened it and immediately felt the tears rolling from my eyes when I saw my Grandmas handwriting.

My Darling Anne, 

The magic is now yours, you are the chosen one. We will speak soon, Do not be frightened by your powers, you are a kind soul and we know this secret will be safe in your hands.

I love you.



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