The Secret Room – Part 2

The Secret Room… continued.

I paced the letter back on the seat as I looked around at this magical wonderland, there was something else in the envelope, I looked again and found a tiny key, the sort that looked like it might open a box. I put it in my pocket and had a good look around. Why had they kept this from us as children, we would have had so much fun in this room.

Time had got away from me and I had to get back home, reluctantly I left the room and locked the door. My mind was spinning, could I tell anyone, should I tell anyone about this room. I couldn’t put the house on the market until I had thought this all through. My siblings wouldn’t be happy about this.

For the next two nights I slept badly, just worrying about the house and turning things over in my mind. This morning I had found the key by the side of my bed, I don’t know how it got there but I took it as a sign that I should return to the room, maybe the answer to my worries would be there. Once I had made the decision I couldn’t wait to get back.

The room was still there untouched but something seemed a little different, I couldn’t put my finger on the change, maybe just the atmosphere, I relaxed into the room and started to feel happier and more at ease. Something moved. I froze. Glancing to my left without moving my head there was definitely something moving, then the steam train that had been parked in the station started to move. I thought my lack of sleep had something to do with this but deep down I knew there was more, this was just beginning, something had awoken. My eye was drawn to the tree seat in the middle of the room, the letter I had placed there just a couple of days ago glowed. then burst into flames. I watched horrified, it was the last thing I had from my Grandma. I went to reach out to save what I could as a bird appeared from the flames and rose up into the room, then just as suddenly disappeared. A phoenix. My heart was beating out of my chest. The train ran around the room and started to billow steam. Everywhere I looked things were coming to life. Then suddenly my Grandma appeared on the tree seat, looking young and vibrant and very much alive. “Hello darling girl, come and sit with me.”




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