The Secret Room – Part 3

The Secret Room… continued…

After I recovered my voice I sat at my Grandma’s feet as she stroked my hair and we talked. We talked of things that had never been spoken of before in our family and of the magic that had filled her life by having a family. To have that she had had to leave the real magic behind until she had lived a full human life. I looked at her and never questioned a word of what she was telling me. I was enchanted by her.

Then she told me I must not sell the house, I explained that I couldn’t do that because the rest of the family wanted money and no one wanted to live there apart from me and I couldn’t afford to.

“You worry too much about material things, just stay here and all will be well. You’ll see.” Was her reply. “You are like me Anne and you will learn the magic of this room in time, trust in the goodness of your heart. Always treat all creatures with kindness.” With that said she disappeared into thin air leaving behind an intricately carved silver box.

I was stunned by what was happening, not believing, yet certain what she had told me was true. Suddenly the key was in my hand and beginning to get warm, I knew the box was calling it. The key slid easily into the lock and it smoothly turned by itself. I lifted the lid to reveal a large bundle of money, there must be thousands there. As I took the notes from the box it revealed a red velvet pouch nestled below it.

Money put aside I opened the pouch to find a ring of gold that almost seemed to glow, I placed it on my finger and the room went fuzzy and my surrounding changed.

I woke up in a hammock under a tree. I turned my head to look around, there sat my Grandma and Grandad. “Come and visit anytime child but first you must go back and sort your siblings out, don’t worry they will accept the money, their greed will outweigh their curiosity.

After relaxing under a tree in front of a cave that I recognised from the secret room I slipped the ring off my finger and returned to the room, knowing I could return whenever I wanted to and feel the love of my real family.






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