Daisy’s Day Out.


The low hum and rumble of the train against the rails were making Daisy feel tired. She desperately tried to stay awake, she was having a day out with her Grandma and she didn’t want to miss a moment of it. She loved days out with Grandma more than anything else in the world. She thought she would never have a better friend in the world. Daisy also loved trains the way they sat warm and cosy in the carriage with lots of other people and they all just watched the rest of the world whizz past. Cars were good too but not nearly as much fun. She liked to make stories up about the other passengers, her Grandma was good at that game too.

The lady at the next table was a famous artist who was going to the opening of her exhibition and the man with her was her bodyguard, he was constantly watching everyone else on the train. The young couple at the front of the carriage were in love and running away to the seaside, where they would hire a fishing boat and sail away together.

Daisy didn’t want to make up a story about the two men sitting opposite her, they looked mean and Daisy had noticed that Grandma was keeping an eye on them too. They made her nervous. She had named them Grumpy and Grim and she thought the names suited them well. Suddenly Grim reached across the table and grabbed her wrist, she squealed. She looked around wildly but everyone seemed to be averting their eyes. Grim pulled her up from her seat and dragged her down the carriage. She had no idea what he was doing but she had no choice but to go with him. Her feet hardly touched the ground as he pulled her along, he stopped abruptly and opened a door. She dug her heels in but he was too strong. He lifted her up and threw her from the moving train, she screamed.

Her eyes shot open and the first thing she saw was her Grandma peering down at her with a worried look. Grim and Grumpy were staring at her, she shuffled into the comfort of her Grandma’s arms and was grateful it was only a dream.


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