That Extra Hour.

For one hour today we got to relax, do nothing or use it to create something out of nothing. So what did you do with your invisible hour?

Mandy decided to make the most of her extra hour and laid the kitchen table up for a proper breakfast, today she had time before she went to work. She hated working on a Sunday but she had to pay the bills, so she did what her bosses wanted. She sang along to the radio as she placed the cutlery for 4 people and then she placed a saucer of milk down on the floor. This breakfast would be perfect.

She cooked bacon and eggs and smiled as she served the food up. Her guests this morning were her father, Sue, a friend she hadn’t seen for years, her husband and the milk for the cat. It would be perfect.

Mandy sat at the table and ate her breakfast, but as with the time, her guests were invisible too. People from the past and imaginary people she wished for her future and an invisible cat.



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