Alex’s Iced Coffee.

S C Richmond

Alex sits quietly on her small balcony, the summer has finally arrived and she is enjoying the heat. To look at her you wouldn’t imagine the grief she is carrying in her heart. She relaxes in the sun sipping on her own special blend of iced coffee as her engagement ring sparkles in the early morning sun.

If you want to join Alex in her favourite morning coffee she has jotted down the recipe for me to share with you.

You’ll want to get a nice long glass.

Brew your favourite coffee blend, Alex gets hers custom made at ‘The Red Bean’, strong and smooth.

Add sugar to your liking or a sugar substitute, sometimes she used honey and sometimes a couple of spoonfuls of chocolate syrup then always add in a splash of vanilla essence.

Blend it together and pour over crushed ice. Alex makes her own ice with…

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