Ferris Wheel.

S C Richmond

The smell of fried onions and candy floss was intoxicating mixed with the heat of the lights and the screams of children as they got spun, pushed and scared on the rides.  Jake stopped amidst all of the activity and took in everything that was going on around him, he hadn’t been to a fair since his mum had brought him as a child, yet everything still seemed familiar.

This time he had come to visit the fair on a whim, he didn’t know why but as he stood looking around him the colours got brighter and the music louder. Someone grabbed his hand pulling him along towards the biggest ride at the fair. The ferris wheel, lit up brightly with neon lights streaming past his eyes, he was mesmerised by it just as he had been when he had been young. The hand pulled him closer as the lights slowed down, then stopped…

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