Proofreading and Saving Money.

S C Richmond

This may seem like a very obvious post but you’d be surprised how many writers who pay to use proofreaders don’t use the basic tools available to them for FREE.We all know a good proofreader is worth their weight in gold and should be used but you can cut down the amount of work they need to do and therefore the amount of money you are paying them. For the proofreader, this means they can help more writers because you’ll free up more of their time. Everybody wins!Use your spellcheck, obvious but too many people don’t use it and however good your spelling is sometimes just the speed you type at can cause silly errors.Use one or two of the plethora of grammar checking tools available, even if you only use the free versions it could catch mistakes you would otherwise overlook.Read what you’ve written, out loud. This picks up…

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