2019 Lunar New Year

Happy Lunar New Year 2019 – the year of the pig.


The 12 year in the cycle of the Chinese new year, represented by the pig. The pig came 12th according to legend because when the pig was lazy and slept late, therefore, turned up last to the party of the Jade Emperor.

Optimistic, gentle, easygoing and trustworthy is the characteristic of people born under the year of the pig, hard workers and successful in their ventures. The downside is that they can trust too easily and are in danger of losing the things they have worked so hard for.

Lucky numbers of pigs. 2, 5 & 8

The year of the pig is said to bring wealth and good fortune.

Be wary in the year of the pig if you were also born under this sign, go gently and don’t take too many risks this year. wait to make any life changing decisions until next year.



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