Nature’s Magic

I sit quietly looking around the courtyard, the sweet fragrance of newly opening buds assault my senses. The plants are climbing around the trellises that are attached to the walls of the small area. Yellows and purples raise their heads from the sea of green leaves spilling their perfume for me to experience. The wicker table and wooden benches keep the feel of being completely surrounded by nature, there is little to suggest man had a hand in this place. Nature showing its beauty. The sound of running water tumbling over stones and birdsong fills my head. I find it hard to take in the sheer beauty that surrounds me but I allow it to carry my mind to find peace.

Although I sit here alone I have rarely felt more connected, more a part of something so special and beautiful, I drink in the heady emotion that this courtyard offers. The sheer perfection of nature, held in this tiny space, playing out its magic just for me.



10 thoughts on “Nature’s Magic

  1. Namaste Steph πŸ™‚

    What a delightfully enchanting courtyard is sounds when portrayed so well by your embellished prose: vibrant, radiant, scintillating, it shimmers on the page; how nature’s magic inspires.

    How I might wish to have such a courtyard of my own: a small slice of Eden in which to sit and write πŸ™‚

    Thank you for posting. Enjoy your day.

    Namaste πŸ™‚


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