The Apartment.

The apartment was beautiful, the furniture antique, gothic.

Finally, Beth had found somewhere that reached her high expectations. She had been flat hunting for over a year and had found nothing that suited her, but this apartment was something else. Someone with real taste had lived here and to her amazement they were leaving all of the furniture. It had been on the market for a while apparently, she guessed it wasn’t to everyone’s taste but she loved it. It was more than she could have hoped for and at the right price.

The lounge was small but cosy with a lot of dark wood furniture and a red leather sofa, not fashionable anymore, but she had never worried about fashion. The kitchen housed a large Belfast sink and wooden preparation areas she could imagine it with herbs and dried flowers hanging from the ceiling.

In the dining area was the most exquisite table, beautiful carving on the table legs held her spellbound. She ran her fingers gently over vines and curlicues, taking pleasure in the feel of the highly polished wood, she noted that the central legs of the table differed. Curious, she leaned in and touched the wood, she felt faint, her head swam. Holding the table leg to steady herself, she felt a sudden pain. She snatched her hand away, glancing down to see that she was bleeding. She instinctively rubbed her hand down her jeans and looked at the damage. It revealed teeth marks. She looked back at the table, disbelievingly, and there amongst the vines, hideous carved faces grinned back at her. ‘I hate you!’ The voices screamed in her head ‘Go. Now!’

She ran…


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