It’s In The Stars

It’s In The Stars


“What’s going on?” Neil said under his breath to himself, he was in awe of what he was seeing.

He had been put on detention for some stupid reason, he couldn’t even remember what it was for this time. He was an easy target. His big brother Mikey had a reputation for being a hard knock, so when Neil had started at the same school all the other kids had turned their attention to him as the new kid to beat. The trouble was that Neil wasn’t a fighter, but he was a practical joker. Consequently, he was always blamed for whatever was going on at the particular moment a teacher was in the vicinity.

The teacher that had handed out this detention was Mr Jones, he wanted him to clear up the science lab after school, Neil thought it was slave labour but didn’t say so, otherwise he would get another detention for being cheeky. Mr Jones sat at a desk to do some marking and was totally oblivious to what Neil was doing. Neil started by gathering up the petri dishes and putting them away, then he cleaned down the surfaces, he was doing exactly as he had been asked until he saw the microscope, he had always been enthralled by the things he could see in detail through a microscope and this was a really good one. He messed around for a while, finding slides of some truly gross stuff but he decided that hair was fascinating, it was so strong but under the microscope it looked so fragile and alien. He looked over at Mr Jones and wondered how he had managed to grow his so long and now the idea was in his head he wanted to find out. He couldn’t just ask Mr Jones for some hair or he would be in trouble again, probably for distracting him from his marking.

Neil crept up behind the teacher and peered over his shoulder, it looked like Mr Jones was having a nap instead of marking. Neil looked down and on the jacket he had hung over the chair Neil saw exactly what he wanted, a stray hair. He plucked it from the jacket and quietly returned to the microscope and set up a slide. For just a moment he stopped and questioned what he was doing, it felt stupid now but he had nothing else to do and Mr Jones was sleeping so what did it matter.

He placed the slide under the microscope and focused the lens, as the image cleared he could barely believe what he was seeing. Mr Jones hair was made up of hundreds, maybe thousands of tiny star shapes, they were all swirling around, it looked like the milky way. He was amazed. He smiled to himself as he finished tidying up, then returned to take another look to be sure of what he had seen.

When he had done everything and had no reason to stay any longer he walked over to the teacher. “Starman, I’m finished, can I go now?”

“What, what…” Mr Jones stuttered as he opened his eyes, he was sure he had just heard Neil call him starman! “What did you call me?”

“Nothing Sir, just saying I’m finished” Neil walked away smiling, there would be no more detentions for him, he knew his teachers secret. Mr Jones was an alien.



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