The TBR File.

We all have a pile of books that one day we’ll get around to reading. Well, I hope we all have and it’s not just me. This will be a regular update on books I think are worth reading.

I’m going to add a few here that I’ve got waiting patiently to be read, I’m hoping if you have read any of them that you will let me know whether they should move up or down the pile, I’ll be adding a few books that look interesting too and will be added to the pile in the future.


The Mountain Shadow by Gregory David Roberts – This has been sitting collecting dust for a while now, to be fair that was what happened with his debut novel Shantaram and that ended up being a brilliant 5 star read. I have high hopes for this.



Dancing with the Sandman by L T Garvin.  This caught my eye and as I love to try out new indie authors I thought it could be a good read.

The Sandman cometh dancing to the beat of rock ‘n’ roll, blasting the turmoil of the Sixties. And where are you? West Texas, of course. Billie Jo Dunstan confronts her past, traveling back to the 1960s through a decade of turbulence and swirling color memories, contemplating life growing up in rural Texas. Tragedy and comedy come alive, preserving the past and a portion of small town life that will survive beyond super highways and the ratcheting progress of time.


watching you

Watching You by Lisa Jewell. This looks like its set to be a great read and is definitely next on the list to be read. Just the thought of being spied on makes this an irresistible read. Really looking forward to this.


ladysays no

The Lady Said No by Jacqui Biggar. Another indie author book that grabbed my attention, a mystery read and I do love a good mystery. The Race is on to find a Killer in the heart of Kentucky horse country. Detective Augustus Grant is faced with his most baffling case to date. Well-respected race horse breeder John Jorgenson is murdered in his den days before the Kentucky Derby and the list of suspects is growing. Complicating matters, Gus’ ex-girlfriend is the last person to have seen the victim alive. Rebecca Hayes owes the Jorgenson family her loyalty. They gave her a new life after a disastrous affair leaves her alone and pregnant. With all the evidence pointing in Becky’s direction, will Gus do his duty? Or follow his heart?


I’ll add more soon but if you have anything you think I should add to my tbr file or if you’ve read these and want to leave a comment, don’t be shy.

More from my TBR file very, very soon.

Happy Reading

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