The Glade (revised)

Penny Wilson Writes

The crisp air tells of summer’s leaving.  But Mother Nature’s greenery ignores the chill. I stroll through the glade, letting my fingers brush the soft fronds.  The sunlight plays hide and seek among the trees, dappling the ground.  The songbirds sing a tune that makes me smile.

Although cold, I’m exhilarated too.  The day holds promise.

I breathe deeply; the scent of the earth and the trees around me.  I relish the air as it fills my lungs.  It’s been too long…

My footfalls are hushed on the forest floor.  The glade holds secrets in its quiet embrace.

The sunlight falls on a stream bubbling with life. The sound it makes is like laughter as it winds through the trees.  I step carefully across, using the wet stones that push their way up from the water.  The water splashes across my feet sending a shiver through me.

As I jump…

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