Move On

She sits and thinks about the things she wants out of life, remembering the things that slipped through her fingers and all the things she had. There was the good but not great marriage but she screwed that up by having an affair. then the kids that she never really wanted that now seemed to just stop her from doing things that pleased her. She was constantly looking for something, fun, friends and another lover. She smelt of desperation and longing and people were repelled by her. she never understood that to be loved was a two way street.

Men would come and go and she would cling to them long after it was healthy, but behind their backs, there would be bitterness and that was how she had lost this one, this one had been a keeper and now she’d let him get away.

So she sits in her car, watching and waiting. She can see his car from where she is, she wants to see him, to see what he’s doing, rumour has it he’s moved on. She sees him approaching and momentarily wonders why she’s doing this but still she’s compelled to watch. He stops at his car, gets out and opens the passenger door, holding it for a moment as a woman emerges, she watches how his eyes hold the woman in his gaze and he smiles.

She’s seen enough, she has tormented herself and now fired up with anger and bitterness she accelerates away, wishing she could stop doing this to herself…

She’s dropped to the all time low of a stalker.


move on 2


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