The Snore…

It’s been a long cold day and now wrapped in a blanket, watching some mind numbing political program on tv. From her right comes the gentle sound of a contented snore, soft and sweet to her ear, maybe not for everyone but the sound lulls her into a sweet place, a smile graces her lips.

A memory from long ago of warm nights and being gently hugged, a night of love, not the passionate kind but the true, honest love that if you’re very lucky you can find once in every blue moon.

She lives to feel that love surround her, to be the sun to someones moon.

She smiles and silently wishs it for everyone she has ever met too. What a beautiful world if we could all experience this level of contentment.

She pulls the blanket around her love, gently as not to wake him and leaves him to his dreams.

4 thoughts on “The Snore…

  1. Having nothing to do with your post but letting you know I’ve ordered your first book (The Community) and hoping to give it to my girlfriend for Christmas. Hoping to get back on the horse and write more for this site and in general. Hoping all your writing is going well. Wishing you peace. (Paul)


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