Storm Brendan

Rainbow over Skye.

It may be a bit blowey and snowy but Skye is still stunning. Caught this rainbow over the north of the Island.

A beautiful place to visit but the downside is at this time of the year it appears to be closed. Not a pub or cafe open.

The storm is coming in strong today so time to snuggle down and wait for it to pass.

7 thoughts on “Storm Brendan

  1. Hey Steph, how are you?

    I wonder if you followed the road towards the rainbow, and if so did you find a crock of gold where the rainbow touches the Earth? Or perhaps just seeing it was reward enough to conjure-up a golden glow inside you? 😀

    Belated Happy New Year!


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      • Some how I thought it would be Steph 😀

        Storm Brenda has rained down her heated fury here as well: high winds and lashing rain…’tis a perfect day to curl up on the couch and chill 😀

        I’d love to go to Skye and think you’re quite fortunate to have done so, that is despite appalling weather and general lack of open cafes and pubs.

        All good thank you for asking. Thus far the New Year has welcomed me into its embrace and hope that will continue.

        How’s your writing going? Are you planning to publish a new book this year?

        Hoping all is well wherever you may be. Take care,


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      • It is beautiful if a bit wild. We’re doing route 500 so wish us luck. It’s just started snowing!
        Glad the new year is being kind. I plan to write, that’s really the reason for the trip. To get my head in the right place.
        Take care.


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